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Reasons You Should Attend CCL Packaging University

Jan 29, 2021 9:00:00 AM / by Jocelyn Wallace



Why attend CCL Packaging University?

CCL Packaging University provides attendees with a grounded foundation on the process of printing, technology and the construction of products. This curriculum is for anyone in the labeling and packaging industry. Whether you are in quality, production, engineering, sales or C-Suite looking to conceptualize what direction the industry is going or how your sector is impacted, CCL Packaging University is right for you!

Who is this for?

This for anyone new to the business to over 15 years who needs a refresher. Many of these courses provide insight into cutting-edge technology and how it is driving growth in the packaging industry through various applications ranging from cryogenics through nutraceuticals. CCL Packaging University is packed with subject matter experts presenting on production, engineering, quality and all of the dynamics involved in driving efficiency and implementing superior quality control.


What can I gain from this experience?

CCL Packaging University provides an overview and explores new market trends, innovations, and the future of the industry, plus it is an excellent networking environment.

This event connects you to the experts, colleagues, and resources needed to excel.


10 Reasons You Should Attend CCL Packaging University

  1. Packaging University is packed with the latest on market trends and innovations.
  2. The courses are geared towards informing you about a variety of products that can help your various packaging needs.
  3. Courses will provide insight into cutting-edge technology and how it is driving growth in the packaging industry.
  4. Packaging University covers various topics such as Cold Chain, Cryogenic Labeling, Packaging Production, Offset Labeling Production, Sustainability, E-Label, GMP Print Quality System, Intelligent Labeling, and much more.
  5. Presentations are geared to equip each webinar attendee with more knowledge and information on upcoming projects.  
  6. There are virtual tours included of two world-class packaging facilities.
  7. Presentations will cover all the dynamics involved in driving efficiency and implementing superior quality control.
  8. During each webinar, there will be a QA regarding the presentations to answer your burning questions.  
  9. You will have several CCL resources and connections.
  10. Packaging University is the only event where you can become a subject matter expert.


To register for courses click below:


To register for the entire curriculum click below:



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